Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mean "Christians"

Mean “Christians”.

They are getting scary.......even to me, and I'm a Christian!

Many claim the name “Christian” without really knowing Jesus Christ. Read Luke 13, Jesus Christ makes clear, there are going to be many who tell him, "we have done miracles in your name, we have taught in the streets".., and they will still be counterfeits, He then says to them “I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all [ye] workers of iniquity”

This article is not to toot my own horn, or to act as though I am some “super-Christian”. I make mistakes same as anyone, there are things I am still learning. Even the best and most seasoned Christian can sin or lack compassion for their fellow man when temptation comes their way. None of us are immune. We all are to examine ourselves and our own behavior. This takes constant prayer and even repenting to God to help one have victory over sin.

Fellow born again Christians and fellowship has added a lot of good things to my life, the love of Christian brethern when it is true, can bring tears of happiness to one's eyes and it has to me many times. These Christians show care, and concern for others, and while they are fallible human beings same as we all are, there is honesty and truth, no game-playing. Fellow believers are truly each other's brothers and sisters in the Lord and all that entails.

However, there seems to be a new breed of “Christian” out there, that is more about control, meanness, and no love whatsoever. As the liberals say “proto-fascists”, [1] while liberalism is false too, they are not too far off the mark, when calling these behaviors out. Some “Christians” seem to have reach zeniths of cruelty and nastiness that even ordinary people in the street could never dream of. One thing many people forget is the Antichrist is not going to show up wearing red horns and carrying a pitchfork to announce himself, but will appear as an “angel of light”, a “Christian” as it were, probably most likely “uniting all religions together” [one mind of the beast] as he announces to the world he is “jesus” returned. This means the man of perdition is going to have many followers and many will claim the name “Christian”.

There are many antichrist workers in the world getting the minions ready. I once told a friend, that it won't be the non-Christians [who we should of course pray for and that they come to Jesus Christ] that will serve as the Christian's greatest foe, in the last days, but those who claim to be “Christians”. John 16:2 “They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think he doeth God service”. How much in history has that been true? Remember during the Inquisitions they all thought they were working on behalf of God. History could repeat itself.

Life gets really odd, when you see a woman who confesses to be a Christian on one message board that “witnesses to Catholics” calling one Catholic lady a cuss word that rhymes with witch, because she will not budge on her Catholic beliefs. Or how about going to a board that advertises itself as one for fundamentalist Christians, where stating one garden-variety fundamentalist Christian belief, will have you called names like "Moron" or "Idiot" right from the starting gate?

Arguing goes back and forth, and sadly unbelievers are more inoculated against the gospel and new Christians thrown off course. It gets scary when a Christian sits down and realizes they find more friendliness, honesty and good will, even with disagreements on some secular boards then they do on the so called Christian message boards. Preaching the truth on many, or neglecting to have acquiescence to celebrity preachers, or politicians, will lead you to persona non grata status. Lovers of the world do not want anyone told the truth.

So many churches beyond their wide array of false teachings, show the same poor fruits, places where Oprah-esque “best life now” false theology is sold to the suburban upper class demographics, and endless seminars and lines for “leadership training” prevail. In the land where humbleness has been set aside, everyone wants to be in charge!

It is sad thing when people of lower socio-economic status, you are witnessing to, tell you they do not feel welcome in the churches because they cannot afford the expected unbiblical tithes or don't have the right clothes and lifestyles to measure up. While some kind and polite people predominate in even the most false churches, a Christian will soon find they do “not belong”.

Some remember their days as an unbeliever and the mean “Christians” who made it all about “religion” and “following nit picky rules” who almost succeeded in closing their hearts against Jesus Christ, but fortunately God reached in and led them to read His Word, and realize these so called “Christians” represented the opposite of what Jesus Christ preached. One thing as I tell the truth to people, I remember those days.. If you have no love, the message will fall flat, and I do not mean the false demands for love and unity that many defend their universalism and blind following of false leaders with, but trying to lead people to truly know God and caring about them in the meantime.

My faith won't be affected by these mean “Christians” after all the Bible warns of them, but keep in mind there is a reason that Jesus Christ warned us, to “judge by the fruits”. Even bad churches, have sincere people with good consciences seeking after the truth, and Christians who are just getting started on their journey who the Holy Spirit with time will be showing more and more to, as they stay in prayer and grow in their relationship with God.

As Christians we are called to love our enemies, even those who claim the name “Christian” and act like the opposite. We need to reach out to them, just as anyone else, and pray for them. However watching the culture wars-where some call for Dominionism [a false teaching sweeping the churches, which basically calls for “Christians” to “conquer” the world for Christ via social and political action] the cruelty upped by quite a few notches bringing lust for world power into the picture. When Satan offered Jesus Christ, the kingdoms of the world showing their glory, from a high mountain, Jesus turned away, and stated, “Get thee hence, Satan for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord they God, and him only shalt thou serve”. Some are obviously saying yes, to those world kingdoms. This is being down not only at the top but more and more at the bottom as well.

One can point to the malfeasance of the cults and false religions, Catholicism with its worldwide policy to hide sex abusers, FLDS with its controlled women and abused children, but are so called evangelical organizations in America any better in many of their fruits?

What is one to think of preachers who call for war more then peace? [2] Some even insisting that certain Middle Eastern nations should be invaded as quickly as possible. Or Christian leaders who help elevate every politician no matter how crooked? Or pastors who abuse and twist Romans 13 to mean the exact opposite of what it is warning about and use it to lead the flocks into blind obedience into the ditches? Romans 13:3 “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power?” When some atheists and unbelievers point out that “Christians” seem to lust for Armaggedon, death and destruction, with some of the preachers out there, one can see easily how they get this idea!

Examining the so called “Christian right”;what is one to think of “Christians” who call for the death penalty in an era when DNA has proven errors, or who think torture is a good thing? They seem to be oblivious to the fact, considering bible prophecy and persecution against Christians in other countries, it could be them on the water boarding board one day? Take a look at American prisons, while we should lock up those who are violent to protect the innocent, is 24 hour lock downs, sensory deprivation, abuse and evil being returned for evil, what God desired?

Does the Bible mandate love for totalitarianism and oppression? What about mercy? And the left side of the new world order “Christian” mainstream/liberal divide is no better, with the excuses for abortion, promotion of sin, and denial of God's Word. So many are caught between the two lying sides--deceptions of this world, when reading God's Word and prayer would bring the answers.

The evangelical celebrities, and top pastors and vetted politicians all promote the same new world order mandates, how is it different when top political leaders push world government and then Rick Warren calls for global UN mandates? Pre-emptive war-mongering, and an evangelical world that almost seems to lust for WWIII, are getting scary. Here even I have met too many Left Behind readers who almost seem to see the tribulation coming to this world, as a "cool action" movie they can't wait to see, instead of the outpouring of the price of wickedness and sin. The mustard tree of “Christendom” lusts for power, pushes sycophancy to power to extremes, and worships money more then the truth.

Non-Christians who then shout that “Christianity” is blood-thirsty online, and that it is seeking power and mind control, may actually have a point, but then the problem here, is the false representatives, have a false "Christianity", another gospel as it were and too many are rejecting what they "think" is "Christianity". The best thing is to implore such people to read the Bible, and read Jesus Christ's words for themselves, and to realize these representatives, are not following the true will of God. If any non-Christian reads this, please read the words of Jesus for yourself and realize in many instances, He taught the exact opposite of what is being done in his name.


KIT said...

I've long seen that in the Christian Right and see it on message boards as well. It's very disturbing. Message boards are infested with meaness for some reason. It's difficult to find one that is mostly free of it. If anyone knows of one, please post it! Thanks.

This is a good article and a subject that warrants address.

Patrick said...

Wow. As I read this, I totally empathized. It's not just online that people are rude. In fact, I've found that most people are fairly high-strung, and when you, even accidentally, stir an emotional response, it's usually a rude one. I think this is like animals in the wild. They attack because they are as scared of you as you are of them.

In my experience, criticism is one of the fastest ways to put people on the defense. That is why I have tried to seriously curb my criticism and focus on those things I have in common with others. However, there are a lot of things that make me angry, and this blog has inspired me to begin my own where I can feel free to express those frustrations without worrying about hurting anyone's feelings.

Thank you, Bible Believer

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kit, yes I would be interested too if there are any good alternatives as far as the message board world goes.

Patrick, I am glad you liked my article, please share your blog here once you have it posted up, I'll link it. I agree about reaching out to people, believe it can be done without compromising truth. Thanks.

wschaub said...

I couldn't agree more. This world is falling into darkness and deception so thick I wonder if anyone will be able to escape it (including myself). God has taken me through a very wild ride through religion in the last 5 years or so. and he seems to be leading me in a way very similar to your own. You aren't the only one out there. ( is a good example for instance

grace sue said...

We are in the last many counterfeits including pastors....true believers seem few in a small church...wheat will be drawn to wheat...tares are plenty and they will stick around wheat....sigh