Saturday, August 29, 2015

For Those Who Deny a New World Order Exists

The term NWO could be replaced with some other words, "globalism", it could even mean a re-ordering of the political map which every major war has done in our history. It is silly to me when people deny that a "new world order" exists because the politicians and world leaders certainly think it does! Yes there is a lot of disinformation in the "conspiracy world" but folks need to pay attention to what is going on. [not an endorsement of Infowars]

Spotlight Trailer: Movie About Exposure of Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Nothing perfect will come out of Hollywood, but obviously this movie is of interest detailing the exposure of the sex abuse in the Catholic church circa 2002. Those who remain in the Catholic church who have fully functioning intellectual capabilities, have no excuse, they were told and warned of the evils of the clergy and the system.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Sex Abuse in the Catholic church

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The False "god" of Dominionism

1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

The "Christian" world is grossing me out more and more. That's one hard thing about writing this blog, being informed about all the craziness, but even in day to day life, "Christianity" isn't looking so hot. Remember the IFB pastor who left and became an atheist? I think that guy so encased into the church system looked around and figured out most of it was bunk but sadly not having a true relationship with Jesus Christ threw everything out with the bathwater. We have tons of atheist-makers out there now. Tons of them!

 One thing the false "god" of Dominionism wants appeasement, he doesn't want a real relationship with you. If you are trying to fake out God you will fail. Maybe the ex-pastor would have gotten somewhere if he had told God, "I am an angry!" or told God what was really bothering him. When I found out he was a Calvinist, he basically left a Catholic inspired pit, to go become an atheist and humanist. The man is in the same exact place I was when I was 17-18 years old, except in his case, there is less room to maneuver given his age.

There are many people out there, who see the "Christian" money-making, abuser, show-a-thon, get nauseous and reject the gospel and reject Jesus Christ, based on the devil's liars and deceivers. I hate seeing this happen. The "god" of Dominionism [Lucifer] along with his helpers like the Duggars are leading many to hell.

 I do meet nice and sincere Christians all the time but many of the organizational facets are so wrong, you see people being exploited and spiritual abuse is rife. Some may be horrified I am putting down the "Christian" world so much but my Christian faith is intact and our bible warns us of the counterfeit. In this world, one better have their faith rooted in Jesus Christ because if the circus aka "churches" of the world are the root of your faith, it's going to fall apart like the proverbial house built on sand that Jesus warned of in Matthew 7.

I hate to say it and even my older age makes this obvious but things will be growing more "gross" and outrageous. It has been stepped up year by year. Revelation makes that clear. Many of the "Christian" preachers are going into the esoteric world I explored as a UU to get "new material" to bring in the rubes. I posted on Tom Horn again, because I was sickened, seeing him use the Zohar as a source. They advance every evil thing one more step every chance they get.

I have noticed how "Christianity" for many has become about following rules. It is about blind obedience. One always sees atheists and other sorts speak of the authoritarianism of "fundamentalism". They are right about that aspect. Who am I to argue with them on that specific?  I touched on this theme in my old article warning of authoritarianism on youth: The Oppression of Youth and Dominionism. Well the oppression is not just for the young, its for all of us.

They present "god" as a cruel father ready to strike them down at the littlest diversion or breaking of a rule. One thing I have noticed is some people follow a cruel "god". This is the "god" I was trying to ditch when I ran to the UU church from my Catholic upbringing. The one that supposedly was going to send me to hell after I ate a bologna sandwich on a Friday during Lent.  The false church where one little sin, could make me feel as if I had been cast to hell. This is the "god" that told one woman with cancer, that he was teaching her a lesson as her body rotted from the inside out, and the "god" that led another person to think everyone without a perfect life is "demonized". This is the "god" I rejected as a young person. This is not the God I believe in today. So many seem to want to direct people back to that "god" that wants to crush them.

I spent ages 5-33 rejecting the other "god" being forced on me while searching for God. The one who haunted the candle clad altars and stained glass church interiors of the Roman Catholic church where at just 9 years old, I had to tell an old man in a black outfit, all my sins to keep out of hell. I was just ten years old and every time I entered a Catholic church I felt the darkness and actually had anxiety attacks, but thought "I" was the problem at that point in time. Then later they led me in the same direction in the UU church, telling me the world will be "as one" and that life was about following the rules and conforming and bending on one's knee before leaders.

I have chosen the true God of the Bible who loves us instead.

1 John 4:15 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

I'm out of the church system for now and honestly after my last try I am relieved. It is like a weight lifted off my shoulders. A freeing feeling. No more trying to wedge myself in a world, where I simply don't fit. God says get out and I'm out. My desire for fellowship led to that other try and it was like trying to slam a round peg into a square hole. There were too many times silent in a pew especially in the last place, I could not take it anymore . I may do a bible study or something along that line but I won't be attending a church unless God leads me to a rare independent. It's not here though.

 The one-man show always bothered me where all the churches seemed to revolve around the pastors.  The error of the Nicolaitans is not just for the Catholic priests but for the churches that all revolve around "one" man too.

I never felt comfortable sometimes even when the Baptists got out the chiclets and little glass of grape juice. Of course I believe in what Jesus mandated in Matthew Chapter 26 but it wasn't supposed to be so ritualized. The Eucharist of course is one of Satan's biggest lies going leading millions into the pit of idolatry.

This is a strange place to be, a Christian but knowing organized religion is bunk. I'm done with the pastors, churches, and rest. There are some people from my first IFB I still have some contact with and I care about them, but I've stepped out of the churches. I'm done with the IFB system entirely now with it's love of Republican politics, flag waving and cultural aspects that just do not speak to me. One thing that still boggles my mind is the growing well SAMENESS of it all. For independent churches most seemed more alike then different.

I have wondered about the cruelty I see in "Christian" circles, and it seems some of the people who have hurt me the worse are self confessing "Christians". It seems to me some of the most pious acting people can be the most dangerous.  I dread wolves in sheep's clothing and there are a lot of them out there. My faith is not dependent on these people which keeps me moving forward but I think of how many seemed to be tied to the false "god" of Dominionism.  Many of these people their life is all about conforming and they hold a very authoritarian view of the world and have been trained to wrongly judge others. While the Left abuses "Do not judge" to enable endless sin with homosexuality and other sexual sins at the top of the list, the right abuses judging to trash anyone who doesn't conform. Usually these are things of conformity and having the "appearances" of holiness which usually being in the right social class and "looking" the right way. I don't think God desires fake people but wants ones who will be and stay real.

There are too many Cookie cutter "Christians" saying and doing the right things for appearances with smiles on their faces and hatred in their heart. When non-believers tell me how much they hate the Christian world, there are times I shock them telling them I see some of what they are talking about and then work very hard to bring them to God's Word and teaching them what Jesus really said.

Sometimes even I felt the pressure at times to be a good "Christian" puppet when I socialized in some "Christian" circles. I wonder myself at some of the times I may have faltered while announcing I was a Christian in this way.

 I usually failed to conform due to other circumstances and social class, this was far harder then it was for most. The world of Christmas cookie parties and coughing up 80 dollars for a lady's shopping trip weren't always easy.  It was a strange world, where I always felt on edge and never could relax. It troubled me I felt more relaxed around some unbelievers then I did with some of the "Christians", because I was always afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing.

This is the world of Pharisees that puts so many on edge. At times I would meet Christians where it was not like this, they cared about and loved me as a person and loved Jesus, it wasn't about rules, or fitting in. There when I meet a true brother or sister in Christ, the joy is great.

For years on this blog, I warned about how the "Christian" world has praised war, and hatred for the poor where they listened to the Republican party instead of the Bible. Being a poor person you do not fit in the "Christian" culture and you realize that alone quick. They insult everyone on welfare or social security rather then offering any true help. I can't tell you how many times I have heard church "Christians" talking about the poor and how they are all lazy. The church of the "Tea Party" reigns in most evangelical churches.  If you are in a church that seems to worship "mars" the "god" of war and puts down the poor for being poor and defends the bankers, rethink that place.

 Being a "thinker" in many "Christian" places--Oh I hate to write this lest I get mixed up with the extreme liberals who scream Christianity is only for fools, means you are a person outside the camp. It's like conformity is the first item on the list. I think the "Christian" world is getting even more war mongering and increasing in hate for the poor. If the "Christian" Right lines up to vote in Trump, narcissist extraordinare, we can all vomit. He's probably a puppet to do the song and dance show for the one they have planned, but watching the right get into their arranged places is always horrifying.

While this blog discusses some conspiracy and I believe many "conspiracies" are true, I believe the conspiracy world is used to whip up the FEAR factor. While I still see the occult symbols and more and post about them, lately I noticed over the last year, I stopped reading conspiracy websites as much. In a way I grew bored with them, it had the same theme over and over. Basically "This is going to happen, and you are going to die!" I have bad enough health problems that almost took me out long before Planet X or the poisoning of the Gulf or Fukishima radiation.

 Most are disinformation anyhow and it's not like they are going to tell us the truth. Those of us with curious minds, often will want to know what is going on but most of the time we aren't being given all the facts and have to make do what with what we can research ourselves or have God show us.

It's all Stockholm programming on a wide scale. I may post about some things here, but one thing I have thought about is they do seem to focus on the Christian world in whipping up the fear factor. Have any of you wonder why in America liberals are told the world will continue as always [well outside the peak oil set] and their 401 Ks will stay intact while the right wing is told to go shake in their boots and get their bunker ready?  Many of the liberals are clueless and deny many realities in the world like the economic collapses, but then why are they focused on having Christians in America especially be scared of everything? Oh and it's not just death and cancer and the usual horrible things life can bring and has always brought but asteroids, aliens, and CERN unleashing demons on us. [I'm even wondering if the CERN stuff is disinformation too, yes I've posted and warned about it too, but who knows? They throw in a truth here and there, and CERN's love of Shiva is indeed creepy.]

Do you ever see any of these people preach FEAR NOT?

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee, yeah I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

There seems to be a focus on Christians in making sure everyone is scared out of their boots, and there even seems to be an American cultural aspect to this where they want American Christians to be the most freaked out and afraid. The "god" of Dominionism--Lucifer wants everyone scared out of their wits. Frightened people are more malleable. Fearful people are more angry. Fear and love don't go together.

I believe for many of us who have come out of the church system, we will find we will be forced to separate from what is seen as "Christianity" more and more by the world.  Many of them already follow the antichrist. Remember that. I try to tell the truth to those I am led to but it is not easy.

So these are some issues I am thinking and praying on recently.

John MacArthur Confronted At His Church

MacArthur Accused of Heresy at His Church

"The confrontation took place during this week’s Sunday service whilst the pastor ministered from the pulpit of his home church in Sun Valley (California), a place where he has served for over 45 years.
The ‘prophet’, speaking with a Scottish accent, managed to get up to the church’s platform and before being escorted away by the security team, he accused MacArthur saying: “You have grieved the Holy Spirit of God. Your doctrine of cessationism is an error. He has been grieved, John MacArthur. I’ve been sent here to tell you that. You’re sharpening a sword and they’re cutting each other”.
He continued: “If you don’t believe in prophets; you’re looking at one. God have mercy on your teaching of truth. Your doctrine of cessationism is an error, John MacArthur. It’s an error. I’ve been sent to tell you it’s an error. For the unbeliever: repent of your sins! The Kingdom of heaven is close! You don’t have much time! Jesus Christ is coming back soon! God bless you, people of God”.

Kind of disappointing, since this guy is wrong too. Well I don't quibble cessationism, usually the term is used to defend tongues though which I do not agree. MacArthur has plenty of other false teachings, this guy could have addressed instead.

I think it's rude how they laughed and mocked the man after he was hustled out by the big burly security staff. It shows meanness and arrogance.

Latin Mass Society and Occult Hand Signs

Just as these signs show up in entertainment they show up in  false religious groups too. The Catholic mass is false even it's "Latin" Traditional variety. Hopefully the Trad Catholic blogger who posted this, will realize the falseness of Catholicism and "Come out of her" and be born again in Jesus Christ. I wonder what is written on her right arm? Their logo in white looks extremely dubious as well.

Trad Catholics and Sedevacantists: Still Clinging to the Harlot

Tom Horn's Latest

Yes another one of the Missler/Bible Prophecy etc, set are on Jim Bakker's show. It looks like the "B" list of religious celebrities have found a new home. The 2nd commandment breaking statue, and triangle table and two pillars speaks for itself.

Is there any esoteric book, these phony preachers won't make a nod too? Perhaps next is using the "Egyptian book of the dead" to interpret the Bible. I read the Zohar or parts of it, it is an evil book, that even shocked me in my non-Christian days. It is part of Kabbalah.  He sure doesn't follow the Bible's warning about false prophets. He says the prophecies apply to 2012-2016. I heard the same thing about the year 2000.  They preen on about antichrist rabbis who reject Jesus Christ and support false temple rebuildings and support Kabbalah writings.

 Agenda 21 is evil but what about these guys? He talks about his Vatican based book and the Pope's encyclical. Funny he mentions the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I have seen that movie in it's 1950s form before and always thought it was used for some early globalist propaganda with the message to the world as a whole being: "Get it together or the aliens will make you get it together". Tom Horn claims the Apache have named Mount Graham which has the Vatican Observatory on it as a portal to another dimension. He mentions Malachi Martin and Art Bell, two who I consider disinformationists now. He tells us that the Vatican and government insiders say something is approaching the earth. Some time ago, I wrote articles questioning all this alien deception stuff and how it could be used for future deceptions.

Deceiving You With Aliens and Nephilim


More Thinking About Raider's News Network, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Aliens and Science Fiction

Then he brings up the Islamic Nation. You mean there is an Islamic nation? I guess their dreams of the Islamic Caliphate have indeed come true and war in Dabiq and hints towards powerful angels coming out of the ground who will do away with one third of mankind. Supposedly this being a clash of civilizations headquarters since the Ottomans fought Muslims there in the Middle Ages, history is supposed to repeat itself. I hate seeing false preachers wrest bible prophecy to death in eagerness for war. Bakker pipes in and says Iran will lie and refers to the book of Daniel to say they are lying kings. This kind of stuff makes people reject bible prophecy as 20 years ago, we heard the same thing about Operation Desert Storm with the first Bush.

Then they bring up CERN and it's Haldron Collider and the god particle. I have written and warned about CERN too though it is doubtful we have the full story. He talks about CERN bringing in collision of different "dimensions". Horn seems a bit too smiley about the gate-way opening. Then the video ends with an audience member praising their teachings.

Josh Duggar: The Cheater

Josh Duggar is exposed as an adulterer. This seems scripted to me. Perhaps all of these things were planned a long time ago? 

Think about it, how the timing of the Ashley Madison hacking corresponds. Is he guilty? He admits to the evils. This family is being used as anti-Christian serum for the country as a whole and they are doing their job well. Expect more hidden evils to be found among them.

How did he have time for Ashley Madison cheating with 4 young children, his job and TV series? This leads all the way back to Jim Bob.

The evils of the Dominonists are endless. One thing you cannot make a person who is your child become a Christian. Josh Duggar is not a Christian. He thinks he is or he could be in on the knowing deception game, but it's obvious as he writes all these apologies including Jesus in the mix, it's empty. It's false faith. It's show time. It's the Truman Show-Christian style. While I have had my theories about mind control and the Duggars, one sees this emptiness in all of them. It's going through the motions Christian style. It's not real. It's young people as "white-washed tombs" taught at the foot of two extraordinary Pharisees who still control adults in their mid-20s like they are ten years old, and allow them to do it.

 The surest way to destroy a young person is to be a control freak parent like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, where a child's conscience is destroyed under extreme repression and millions of rules that must be obeyed or else. What you get there, is a child who learns the way to play the game is to "look good" and do what you want behind the scenes and not to get caught. They are on the road to being seared and becoming a sociopath devoid of conscience in adulthood. You get someone like Josh Duggar. They do not grow up.  They don't have true attachment to other people and treat them like objects. He sexually abused his own sisters. Their moral conscience is darkened. They care more about the "appearance" of holiness then actual holiness. He has joined the long line of phony TV evangelists who are exposed as cheaters and adulterers who in many cases may have been following a "script" too. The powers that be put the endless list of fallen "Christians" to use. His outing as an extreme hypocrite is affecting the public's view of Christianity. This is on purpose.   Pray for Anna Duggar.