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Hal Lindsey and Chuck Missler Skew Bible Prophecy

One sees the false Christian Zionism, with the founding of Israel. A secular nation same as all the others. It is not a Christian nation. It is run by the same Freemasons and the rest who themselves run the other nations. Let's hope those 350 Messianic Jewish fellowships he speaks of, are not deceived by Christian Zionism.

You will notice around 7:40 he says Babylon has to re-emerge. This is another deception, as if a special new "mideastern" nation or kingdom has to remerge. This ties into the deceptions with Isis in my opinion. Babylon is here now. Here you see the "spiritual" rendered pedantic. Babylon has to be a specific nation? The evils of Babylon rule over the entire planet NOW. Just look at the symbols in our media and by the way it is WORLD-WIDE. The Horus eyes for example appear in every nation.

  I notice Missler says that the time between the Rapture and the second coming of Christ will be expansive and lengthy? Why? This, I believe,  is to help deceive Christians who know some of their Bible and that the man of perdition must be revealed before the return of Jesus Christ.

One sees some indirect "date-setting", this always bothers me. I supposed timing something 20 years away is safe when you have reached your 80s, but it is still not what is mandated in scripture. Date-setters get themselves in trouble. I wonder myself how much lost faith has come about from the date-setters of the 1980s in evangelicalism since it's now 30 years later.

Lindsey continues stating [11:30] that he believes the ancient city of Babylon will be rebuilt. Is it impossible one could be to help the in the deception? But here scripture is wrested. Is the main endeavor here to point away from Rome and the spiritual fact the antichrist Pope holds sway over the earth and Babylon is in full tilt and already "ruling" on this earth. We don't need a new Saddam Hussein to make a new Babylon with hanging gardens for Babylon to rise up. Here too, "Babylon" could equal the new Islamic Caliphate the elites have planned for their civilization wars. Can you imagine a scenario where the Dominionists are told now is the time to fight "Babylon"?

Remember one thing I have always written, is the false evangelicals always POINT AWAY FROM THE POPE. They need to literalize Babylon to create an enemy for deceived Christians to "fight against" rather then to preach the gospel to. Of course they continue with more false pre-mill Rapture teachings which claim the church will be "snatched" out. Oddly Lindsey says this will happen before Babylon is rebuilt. This too is used as a blinder for many confessing Christians so they will not listen to those who warn of Babylon now which is the Babylon that rules over false churches and leaders.

 Lindsey around the 12:30 mark tells us "The Antichrist can't come until after the Rapture." This is another way to point away from the antichrist office of the Pope. It is also directly against scripture.

Thess 2:2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Here's a question for you all. How would the antichrist be revealed if the whole church is gone? Everyone without the Holy Spirit is supposed to be deceived by the Antichrist!

What's with those international friends he mentions around the 14:00 minute mark? They see trouble in other parts of the world but not the USA? Well those who can afford constant global travel are buffered a bit from American poverty. How in the world do you have to be outside the USA to see the police state here unless you are among the very privileged?

Some discussions about Obama's lack of a past ensure which are true. At 17:27, the "revived Roman Empire" is here now too. We don't have to "wait" for it. The royals swear allegiance to the Pope as the Holy Roman Emperor.

At the  23:00 mark, they bring up EMP. I need to research this more but sometimes I wonder if EMP is something else they just came up to frighten everyone with. I have been reading that one website that questions nuclear bombs, but still have not made my mind up on that issue. I can see the powers that be adding on the threats though in general.

He rightly warns of NDAA. Lindsey admits he has known Missler since 1972. Missler admits Lindsey helped him with sponsorship and encouragement at his start. Missler presents Hal Lindsey with one of his golden medallions at the end.

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The Catholic and Orthodox church

The Great Schism of 1054, basically makes it clear the Orthodox church broke from the Catholic church. I kept asking my Orthodox commenters why they support ecumenical relations with Rome but they do not answer and insist there are many differences from Rome. Sure there are some different teachings, but then the ecumenical United Methodists have them too.  Surely the ones who read enough of this blog, have been warned of the Pope's wicked interfaith activities, this means their church is joined to the harlot. The Catholic church has sought "full unity" with the Orthodox churches for decades and are growing closer.

Warning: Orthodox video full of the idolatries of Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy but using to show information and the sameness among the 'differences'. There's a different flavor among them both but the main themes of false idolatry, empty actions and rituals, religious displays and elevation of clergy and religious theatre predominate. I had my fill of years of the empty Masses, incense and "processions" where man elevates himself. Notice how those poor deceived Orthodox men kiss the priests. Notice the "enlarged borders" warned against by Jesus in Matt 23:5 on the silken golden outfits of the Orthodox leaders in their processions. I think the giant "X" in the middle of the room is based on the "Cross of Peter". The Catholic Popes put out that upside down one, but "X" is also an occult symbol as well. One sees enough gold in this video to finance feeding endless poor people.

Since I came out of the Catholic church 12 and half years ago, I still have a heart for those trapped in false religion such as I was. They believe the rituals, sacraments will bring them closer to God. They won't, they lead to a false christ. Religious ritual imprison so many into their idea of what is "holy". Religious traditions and sacraments do not save. Religion does not save. Jesus Christ saves and "ye must be born again".

Mark 7:12 Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

Nursing Home Abuses

"They keep you starving in here... just get me out of this place': Grandmother, 89, filmed begging for food at crisis care home Edna Slann was filmed by her family amid fears she was being neglected The 89-year-old is seen telling her granddaughter she is 'starving' in video She is one of three residents left with unexplained injuries at care homes Grantley Court in Sutton and Merok Park in Surrey have both been closed

Pleading for help, Edna Slann reaches out to her appalled family in desperation.

‘I’m starving,’ she says. ‘I’m bloody starving. Have you got anything to eat here now?’

While dementia has left the 89-year-old muddled in many ways, she is certain about one thing.

‘Oh god. I want something to eat,’ she begs, in harrowing video footage that shames Britain’s care system.

They keep you starving in here. This is not me at all. This is not normal, these b******* here are not normal. I just want to get out of this place.’

Mrs Slann, a widow who has dementia and arthritis and needs a wheelchair, was moved in July from a residential home to Grantley Court Nursing Home in Sutton, south-west London.

Her family claims she was neglected from the outset and her health rapidly deteriorated.

They said she lost more than half a stone in two months and is now little over five stone and reliant on morphine to control her pain.

She suffered severe facial bruising and a gash to her head which needed 12 stitches and now has just weeks to live.

Mrs Slann was filmed on September 21 by her granddaughter Becky, after she and her mother Linda Cackett, a book keeper from Epsom in Surrey, became fearful she was being neglected.

In a horrifying video, Mrs Slann can be seen pleading for help, while touching a large cut on her head.

Shaking with desperation and rage, she tells her granddaughter: ‘I’m hungry. Have you got anything to eat here now? I’m bloody starving. They keep you bleeding starving in here.’

She can be seen shutting her eyes in despair, while saying: ‘Oh god. I want something to eat. I’m angry. Give me something to eat.’

After the food does not come, she is seen lowering her expectations.

‘I just want a cup of tea, that’s all I want. Get us a cup of tea.’ She is reassured by staff that her food will come in ‘just 15 minutes’.

Later, she says: ‘Whatever’s happened to me? They’re making me bloody mad.

‘This effing place. It drives me round the bloody bend here. They are all bloody nutcases. I just want to get out of this place.’

After staff discovered a bedsore on her foot, she was taken to hospital. When hospital staff called Grantley Court for an explanation, they were apparently told it was ‘not that bad’.

Doctors said the only way to stop the spread would be to amputate her leg, involving serious surgery which would probably kill her.

Mrs Slann, a grandmother-of- one, worked as a cleaner until she was 70. She was a ‘lively and happy grandmother’, according to her family. Her daughter said it was ‘terrible’ to see how she has suffered.

She added: ‘It is horrendous to think that she has suffered.

‘We filmed her because she kept saying she was hungry. We feel guilty we let her go to Grantley Court. It is hard to talk about but I am speaking out because no one should go through this.’

Mrs Slann’s stay at Grantley Court cost £595 a week, which was met by Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

A Surrey Downs CCG spokesman said she was relocated as soon as concerns were raised.

A Surrey council spokesman said when Mrs Slann was placed in Grantley Court the home had passed its most recent inspection."

This happened in Britain, but it's happening in America too. Do a search on "nursing home abuses" on Youtube and you can see a multitude of cases! Physical and other injuries do occur in neglectful nursing homes. Some homes are better then others, I am not saying all are abusive, but this is some of the hidden things going on in this country. The helpless elderly in this wicked world are very vulnerable.

One of my in-laws now deceased who was later taken home to be cared for by other relatives, was put in a nursing home and ended up with a broken arm. She was speechless via a stroke and could not tell anyone what happened to her.  They did not say she had fallen or anything like that but somehow her arm had ended up broken.

 If you are younger and have been on an extended hospital stay, you know a lot of places the staff is over-worked and over-extended. They do not give you medication at the right time. There was one hospital I was in, where I was asking the janitorial staff to help clean me up and get me things because the nurses were incognito. I tell people if your relative can't speak for themselves in the hospital, make sure you are there as much as humanly possible.

Well nursing homes with far more underpaid staff, the care can be deficient. Often all your rights disappear as a patient. Years ago, I had an older long distant friend, I wanted to go on a rescue mission of, because she was in the nursing home. She could not walk, and my place then was not wheelchair accessible, I wasn't able to help her and it still weighs heavily on me. I made all the phone calls I could and her son was there too but the son often was taking the side of the staff and seemed annoyed with what he called her "demands". One of those "demands" was simply being taken out of bed and put in a wheelchair. They would leave her in bed and not get her up.  We do live in a society where the old and sick are shoved away out of sight and out of mind. Even if you are young and ill, some wicked families will disown you or won't visit for years. They want you out of sight. While I had to depart from wicked relatives, one disabled one in thrall to one of the most wicked probably has gotten shoved away in a group home or other nursing home. She is mobile in this case.

Every disabled and other sick and aging person can attest that one of their greatest fears is ending up in a nursing home. There is a reason for this.

Many people do have to put elderly parents or ill family members in homes, I am not blaming people who must face this  hard choice, often the care needed is beyond their physical capabilities but please be careful what home or center you choose for your family members. Be mindful of their care and make sure they are being taken care of properly.  I tend to think the chances are better with a non-profit rather then a for-profit! Please pray for the elderly especially ones who are in nursing homes.

The Grey Haired or the Hoary Headed

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Blog Will Soon Be Five Years Old

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This blog will soon be five years old in April.

I can't believe I have blogged here this long. Sometimes I almost ended the blog thinking I had run out of things to write about and then something new would come up.  Lately, I do get frustrated because of health and other things because my research time is far lesser but I have decided to keep this blog going as long as the Lord wills it.

I never talked about number and stats here not wanting to seek self-glory but this blog was read far more then I thought it would be. Blogging isn't always easy, sometimes it can be tiring, controversial, and you sometimes worry about what you have written, hoping it makes sense and is readable. Some people blog for only a season and I understand even if my blog is aging here. It is interesting to think of the changes in my Christian life even over the last 5 years and the things I learned doing this blog.  Many joys can come through blogging too such as in finding like-minded believers and speaking of truths especially on this blog, very few understand or even want to know about. Doing this blog has increased my love for God and His Word. While it sometimes can be tough warning of the delusions out there, because of the scary things involved, I don't regret any of it. I am glad I spoke up.

I hope and pray it did help people and brought them truth. I pray I was able to warn people too. I made the decision to do this blog after making the message board rounds back in the mid 2000s, when I was warning people of the one world religion and about the Catholic church's role. I hope God is pleased with my efforts, that is the most important. When I first started this blog I even asked "Why me?" When I first started I was reluctant, afraid to put these controversial stands out on the net. I suppose I have toughened up since then. The spiritual attacks were relentless in those early days too, but with God's help I was able to hold firm.

If you are newbie here, please read some of my older posts. Back then, I was doing some bigger picture articles, that many of the later ones were written to back up.  I am way behind on my labels and will try and update those.

Here is the first article I ever posted:

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Five years is a lot longer run then I expected. Keeping praying for me.


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Gray State Movie Controversy

Before death of family, Apple Valley filmmaker voiced struggles over project

"I'm not prone to suicide".

I posted this rather quickly yesterday, some commenters are right about the Illuminati symbols in the videos. I wondered yesterday why on earth is everyone getting a RFID chip with a pyramid in it? Also the name "Crowley" kind of has a history with it though that may not mean anything either. They always are warning about the "camps" on Alex Jones and other places. To be honest, lately I have been pondering ideas about some of the "conspiracies" they unload out there. Why do so many of the "controlled places" warn about the Fema Camps and "round ups?" What do you think?

 I also consider the fact that if this movie was the real deal, we would have never heard of it. There are "conspiracies" within the "conspiracies". Warning language on the movie. Sometimes I do post things I haven't made my mind up on. I know one thing, I am finding myself departing more from the "conspiracy" websites, while I definitely still hold to many beliefs that many consider "conspiracy" such as the lies surrounding 9-11, I know most are controlled. They are manipulating people via those endless levels with fear and more to a degree I feel at a loss of words in even writing about. You have to wonder about this society and where it is going.

It seems never ending. I found myself telling a friend in this life, "We all die one day, even if no Fema Camp get us." this why we better make sure we are right with God and have been born again.
One thing remember the wicked lie about everything and anything. They want us to live in fear. They can use political fear and predictive programming so badly on the masses and sometimes I think this whole thing in America where half the country expects the whole thing to collapse in a heap, and the others deny it all, is part of the plan to "wear" people out and "wear out the saints". Who knows the future but God and what we read in Bible prophecy?

Isaiah 8:12 Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pope Attacks Free Speech

Remember the "order out of chaos" formula? Note about the video, Vigilant Christian is a bit rah-rah America, he must realize they plan to do away with freedom of speech here and have to a degree--I think he may have listened to too much David Barton, but the warnings about their future plans are true.

They will pass rules one day where "insulting" any religion [but biblical Christianity] will be against the law. Remember unlike America, in much of Europe you can go to jail for criticizing other religions.

Keep track of the UN and Islam with this stuff....that organization at the behest of the Pope is always pushing laws to outlaw freedom of speech. Remember we have freedom of speech under God not "granted" by any political entity.

Largest Islamic Body in the World Calls for More Anti-Free Speech Laws in Wake of Charlie Hebdo Attack