Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Pastors Took the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Greg Laurie

Calvary Chapel Pastor Robbie Hilton right in church

Nick Vujicic and Stephan Tcividjian

Steven Furtick and church staff

TD Jakes

I am sure there are many others. Some of the lesser knowns may be just unknowingly following the fad but for the big apostates, it makes you wonder. Ever notice social conformity is extreme among the top tiers? I know Rick Warren and Joel Osteen got challenged by one of them.

See: The Ice Bucket Challenge: Social Experiment? Ritual?

The Ice Bucket Challenge: Social Experiment? Ritual?

The ALS ice bucket challenge. No one in my household did it. I refused.

Be careful of following any fads. Think them through. Oprah, George W. Bush and endless other celebrities did this challenge. Never trust the celebrities.

You know sometimes I just sit and think about some of the strange stuff going on.  I thought to myself "What is this some kind of mass ritual?" I went and googled to see if anyone else had this thought.  A few others did. It seemed like it was a weird mass Catholic baptism, or a "voluntary water torture" as it were. If you want to give to charity why not just send the money instead of having someone give you an ice bath?

What was the real meaning of all this behind the scenes? We consider how the elite do their mass rituals in open view, such as at Superbowl half times.

Many religions do purified washings. One could even consider the fact they are mocking baptism. Most churches do not do full immersion baptism but sprinkling or pouring of water on the head.

What is even weirder is that one of the founders of the Ice Bucket Challenged died of a drowning at the age of 27 [think Club 27]

"Corey Griffin, a former Bain Capital manager who raised more than $100,000 for the ALS Association in the past week through the Ice Bucket Challenge, was killed in a diving accident. He was 27.
He died at 3 a.m. Aug. 16 at Nantucket Cottage Hospital in Massachusetts, after jumping from the roof of a two-story building into Nantucket Harbor, according to Carlos Moreira, a police spokesman. No other details were provided. Michael Greeley, a friend of Griffin's and family spokesman, said he suffered two crushed vertebrae in the accident.

"This is a kid who went from having a big smile on his face to being dead instantly," Greeley said Monday in a telephone interview."
Isn't it kind of odd of all the ways to die, he DROWNED? Also worked for Bain Capital well known company warned about on many a "conspiracy website". Be careful of New World Order "charity" money clean-outs too! The ALS charities are no different from others that pay their administrators big bucks. Is the ice bucket challenge a sign of the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer?

Why ice instead of plain water? Is that a marker for the freemasons? 33/32 degrees? The degree at which water turns to ice?

I don't endorse this video, posting for information but it will give you pause. There could be a reason they chose ICE WATER instead of plain.

Then add the social experimentation level, how many blind sheep can they get to follow? It was lots of people. We see the immense mind and social manipulation. Now all they need is some famous person to tell the entire populace to go soak their head. Some people of course doing this mean well, and don't understand or know how they are being manipulated. And the pouring of ice water too can signify "freezing one's brain" and there is that connection of historical torture/mk ultra methods that are connected to water, waterboarding and the like. Cold water has been used to torture, dominate and control people.

Ice and Isis are two words that are similar.

Also you can consider all the "weather events",  Mini-Ice Age? are they planning something with WATER?

Question every popular fad!       
Job 6:16 Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid:  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Holy Ghost Movie with Brian Welch, Korn and Michael W. Smith

Millennials Driving Success of Faith-Based HOLY GHOST Movie

""HOLY GHOST is a film without boundaries, we shot it without a script or a plan. It's a film about the freedom and unexpected adventure that comes with a life led by the Spirit of God. This fresh vision—a stark contrast to the traditional understanding of the church—is strongly resonating with young people," said Darren Wilson, director of HOLY GHOST. "As we travel the world with HOLY GHOST in places like the U.K. and Australia, thousands of Millennials have flooded to our screenings and told us the film has changed their lives. They are the enthusiastic audience behind our success, and an underserved segment in the booming faith-based entertainment market."

A movie with Korn, Brian "Head" Welch and Michael W. Smith combined. Imagine that! also includes the pastor of Bethel church, Bill Johnson,  RT Kendall, and the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer. They claimed they want to make a movie completely led by the "Holy Spirit". Notice how they keep showing pictures of India, and they even include a picture of Buddha. [2:11] Would Buddha be put in a "Christian" film? The real Holy Spirit always points to Jesus Christ, this is a false spirit they are celebrating.

If you haven't read this blog about Michael W. Smith, make sure you do about all of his occult markings.

Bethel is a false church warned of elsewhere on line.

In the trailer above, Meredith Andrews repeats the false messages within the apostate churches, "no more boxes, no more limits, no more we have to control everything"

On the Wanderlust productions website, they claim right on there, they are "Making God Famous One Film at a Time".

That's rather blasphemous, God doesn't need man-made fame.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oprah Denies Jesus Christ: Longer Version

One commenter shared this video with me. I decided to share it, because I have only seen the shorter versions where it's limited to Oprah rather then the audience members telling her she is wrong. Remember the days when they allowed audience participation in talk shows? That sure ended fast didn't it?

 I think that is Betty Eadie nodding in agreement with Oprah.

 Oprah has interviewed Betty Eadie before. She is the lady who wrote the NDE experience top book, "Embraced by the Light". The two men in the video are right about Oprah advancing the spirit of the Antichrist. I am glad about their warning regarding how desperately wicked the human heart is. So many lost people go on about those with "good hearts", not understanding the gospel.

One thing about the NDE stuff, many of the teachers in it, will on the surface advance a New Age version of "Christianity". They will use "Christian" terms with New Age, luciferian concepts.

NDE's are false

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Roman Catholic Bishop Prays at Franklin Graham's Event

Franklin Graham is following in his Catholic church loving father's footsteps. The bishop's name is David Zubik:

                                          [picture cite]

What is so funny about this, is they banned this gung-ho Catholic from bringing his statue of Mary into the venue.  Hmm wanting to cover up what it means to pray with those who participate in overt idolatry? Warning FALSE CATHOLIC THEOLOGY and IDOLATRY in this video:

In the Graham's unity with the false Catholic church, they have already brought "Mary" into the venue. He is praying with idolators.

Bishop Zubik blesses the Mary statues too.

Civil Unrest in America 2014

These videos talk about the Ferguson riots, is this more "order out of chaos" in America? The police are getting very militarized, I am old enough to remember the days when our police were not outfitted like soldiers. Our cities are becoming war zones with gangs, worsening poverty, violence and more. It's hard to know where the truth lies on this one between the race baiters and the police state. Besides Jesse Jackson and pals, the masonic inspired KKK is getting involved and upping the ante. It is unsettling to see a worsened repeat of 1960s riots with the National Guard called in.

 What was the name of the law that used to forbid military tactics used on American citizens? The Posse Comitatus Act? Sadly it seems our inner cities [well in this case it is an outer ring suburb] are growing more and more violent with the growing economic and social unrest seeming to be a nexus point for the elite of removing more civil liberties and advancing the police state. The Trayvon Martin case was just one of the openings. In this story too, a young black male is shot and killed, but this time by police. No protests are held over the gang vs. gang street warfare and thousands of murders taking over our cities but one sees a very similar event here too. Like Trayvon Martin, there is possible gang affiliation and also debate over a possible robbery.

Racial divisions and problems have gotten worse since Obama took office. With all the defense of thug behavior--something that seems to be worsening in certain communities where they are adding to their own problems--after all most gang members rob and kill their own kind and in their own communities and suppression of reporting crimes like the "Knock-Out" game in the news, one can tell evil is growing extreme in this country. Why isn't there a decent black leader to warn the black community they are enslaving themselves by taking up for young people who have chosen violence, gangs, theft and evil? This is one thing that mystifies people.  I worked with young people from the inner city in the early 1990s, and to be honest, things have worsened so much even since those days. The moral compass is broken in this country in so many places. Sin enslaves and it can with ALL of us. Instead we get the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world who make things worse. Jesse Jackson the supposed reverend never actually teaches any gospel. He teaches more hatred and the gospel of cultural Marxism. We can question the police reaction of course too on that side as well. Perhaps this officer really felt he was in in mortal danger as this very large young man rushed him, but too many now shoot first and ask questions later. You hear about innocent houses invaded by Swat teams, flash bang grenades and more by our militarized police forces.

This was probably part of the divide and conquer and chaos programs. If anything the powers that be definitely are putting to use our violent inner cities for their police state agendas just as much as they have used the drug wars to fill the prisons for cheap corporate labor and advanced jack-booted methods. The new world order via music and more, influenced certain segments of the population. The social collapse in the USA is more then evident in many areas. Now we get to see more tanks in an American city. There is a reason they passed NDAA where they can round up American citizens. This is a test run for American civil disobedience. Remember what can be done to one set of citizens can be done to another.  One day it may be a majority black community protesting against a shooting they see as wrongful, the next it could be any community protesting against mandatory vaccinations. It is not a good development for Americans to get used to tanks in our streets.

Why are they arresting reporters? With all the tanks and tear gas and gas masks, all the scenes are unsettling. I have read internet claims that agent provocateurs are being used in Ferguson. It should not surprise us.  One can see how they are testing each step, and how far they can take things.

I found this video too, where they practiced driving tanks in St. Louis two years ago:

Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night?

Matt 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.