Friday, May 22, 2015

Duggar Scandal

Some time ago, I wrote and others too, that the Duggars would be brought down in some kind of scandal to discredit Christians. This family definitely was going to be used in some way via the powers that be and now it has.  Think about how they practiced extreme chastity for the viewing audience, where even engaged couples were not allowed to kiss, and now this comes to light. This definitely will bring all Christians into view as hypocrites. The world watches this supposedly "holy" family fall, and more are brought into a negative view of what they think Christianity is.

It seems Josh has stayed on the straight and narrow since then, but most likely if his last name was not Duggar at the time he was a teen, he would have been arrested, sent to juvenile hall, and given court-mandated counseling.

Have you ever noticed how celebrities always are deep in scandal? Honey Boo Boo on the same network just got cancelled for the mother in that line up dating a convicted child molester.  The entertainment world is wicked and rife with sexual abuse and mind control.

Also knowing that molesters often are molested themselves, it makes one wonder what else happened in that house? His sisters were among the victims. Also why was this event sat on for so many years? The internet rumors were already there, about Josh having committed some sort of act or acts.

I pray the children and adult children are freed from that cult and come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and that they are healed.  Hopefully some will break away from the system since they will no longer have the pressure to appear perfect with the show now cancelled. One thing disturbed me reading the police report on line, a "rod" was used for discipline in the household. Michael Pearl's methods?

 State trooper who let Josh Duggar go in wake of alleged child molestation charges and later went to prison himself on child pornography charges

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Friday, May 15, 2015

What Happened to the Ephesians 5:11 Blog?

What Happened to the Ephesians 5:11 Blog?

Does anyone know?

If I ever have to take this blog down or get too sick to continue it, I would tell the readers here if at all possible. It's strange you see some blogs just go down and vanish in thin air. I suppose not everyone is of the mindset to tell you what happened to a blog. This was posted in March, on a Facebook account calling itself Ephesians 5:11 blog. I think it is the same poster. I find the name EvilWorldNews.Press kind of odd. That website just takes you to a blue page saying it is under maintenance but it does have a cached page.  What's with the tin-hatter graphics?

His youtube videos seem to be down too. What was this all about?

The War on Drugs Explained

Think about the billions of dollars the drug wars bring in.

Notice the Seven Triangles or Mountains?

The "global leadership" nonsense, thinking of Pinky and the Brain here--"What do you want to do today? Take over the world!" appeals to young narcissists in training, who want their piece of the church of Babel pie. This video seems to be cholk full of symbols. The "thousand points of lights" in the multitude of light bulbs hanging down is one. Notice the newspaper, that is titled "Midlothian", I wonder if that means anything? "The Magnificants" is the title article, is that like the cartoon superheros, "The Incredibles"?. Then there are the 7 triangles, which I am supposing represents the 7 mountains.

Elton John and Rick Warren Together

[not an endorsement of C.T. but for information:]

Rick Warren criticised for making joke about kissing Elton John

Another PR stunt, Warren knew what he was doing in making that joke. They want to make homosexuality out to be minor laughable matter, ironically while supposedly fighting the "plague" that has come out of homosexual actions.

"The two made such a great team taking on global health issues that they smiled, laughed, and held hands as a show of unity, and later Warren reportedly joked about kissing John which he said would probably be "the kiss heard around the world."
And while many are lauding their efforts, evangelicals are now slamming Warren for making a joke about kissing John, saying that it was wrong for the man known as America's pastor to be "guiding sheep astray."
Based on the comments to the Christian Post article about the controversial kiss, people had mixed reactions to Warren's joke.
"Its not just the 'holding of hands' that is a red flag. It's the fact that Rick Warren is supposed to be a Christian preacher who SHOULD teach the truths in the Bible about the sin of homosexuality," one wrote online. "The Bible is clear the sin of homosexuality leads to hell and preachers should follow God's word rather than pander to the lusts of the world."
Another commented, "Rick Warren is an apostate and he shall surely perish for teaching another gospel and also for guiding the sheep astray," while another wrote, "God would want his followers to stand against what's wrong!"

"Warren's remarks are classic Purpose Driven Agenda21 - Peter Drucker global government speak - i.e. "three legged stool" of 'government-private-faith' partnership. A partnership in name only of course, because the biggest 'partner' is the one that controls everything. Which is exactly the idea. It is thefoundation for global dictatorship - all sectors of society networked into top-down global-government control. Warren's job is to network the 'faith' sector to be the social works department of the Zion-kingdom-come. Here, again, is the derivation of the name "Purpose Driven". The Christians (as well other 'faith traditions') - it's their 'purpose' in life to be volunteer social workers i.e. worker bees for the now rising Tower of Babel II. Note especially Warren's completely untrue, completely non-biblical, absurd claim in response to Melinda Gates's remark on what a great idea this is of the church being the "distribution center for health care" as recorded in the second paragraph of the above transcript: The "church", says Warren "has been for 2,000 years". 

Perhaps the most interesting thing to be noted here, and although not actually stated in so many words, it seemed that there was a hint of possible government funding for the NWO/Warren P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Quoting from the posted article Sen. James Lankford, a Republican from Oklahoma said: "seems like it's an obvious area for partnering", while Warren later commented (quote above) about being in favor of "government funding and increasing funding". Senator Jeanne Shaheen toward the end of the meeting suggested that the government "try" working with Warren, and Chairman of the hearing Lindsey Graham replied with an "absolutely".

Nothing more definite than that, but that itself is significant. Global government sponsoring global interfaith religion is a big deal. It just inched closer to becoming reality...with Rick Warren 'purposely' driving the deal.

You ever wonder why they always throw money at the mostly homosexual disease of AIDs and ignore many others that ravage the planet like Malaria or Cancer? They picked this disease as their central focus in advancing homosexuality and other globalists agendas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

World Wide Agenda 21? UN Sustainable Development Goals

One world government is being set up as we speak.  In September they will be having a UN Sustainable Development Goals conference with  Pope Francis expected to attend. There is a reason he is busy writing an encyclical for the whole "climate change" scam.  I believe the TPP which the Democrats just folded on for Obama's sake is part of the whole Agenda 21, world wide take-over. I've been warning for years about how the United Nations and Roman Catholic church are working hand in hand. One of my earliest wake-up calls was when I was still in the Catholic church and volunteering as RE teacher. They wanted me to teach a positive lesson on the United Nations and I was outraged. These are goals using the environment to fool people to repress people and make rules over their daily lives for control and power. It has NOTHING to do with saving the environment or helping the poor! It is about gaining control of the world resources. Notice the "thousand points of light" theme in the video?