Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blame the Poor Brainwashing Fest Worked!

Angry Woman in Walmart Throws a Fit Over Man Using Food Stamps

This could be a political set up as the Fox News set battles the victims of the failing economy in America but anyhow it's disgusting. This is more blaming the poor. Didn't she get the 1996 memo, that you have to work [for the abled bodied with children] or be disabled to even get food stamps? I'm sure she's not complaining about the trillions handed over for war in the Middle East or banker bail-outs. Doing this in a Wal-Mart is even more ironic as most of it's lower tiered workers especially with children qualify for assistance.

 There's plenty of people working 40-60 hours a week wages have sunk so low and prices have gone up so high that need help. Sometimes it feels embarrassing to be American, this country has gone down into so much stupidity and overt meanness. One thing I noticed reading the comments regarding this article is many people wrote, "Yeah I bet she is a Christian too!" That is what the right wing has wrought for us. By the way sitting in the last IFB, hearing rants and raves against poor people and "those who won't work won't eat" was not a good time either. So those attitudes, I have seen and heard exactly where they have come from. That is the sign of false Christians who do not want to help the poor. Of course the elite have no problem oppressing and impoverishing the majority for their own desired outcomes.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Michael Synder's New Videos

 The usual collection of evangelical errors, with Christian Zionism to the hilt. The six pointed star behind him says it all. Some of his economic articles were of interest and I used to linked to them here but since seeing him on Jim Bakker's show I have been warning about things he is writing and speaking about. You know sometimes online, I wish for more people to be REAL.  With this guy, I figured his blog was for selling stuff but had hoped maybe he was a prepper business exec. with some real concerns until I saw him on Jim Bakker's show.

Even real and not perfect is better then sold out and giving the usual new world order/right wing new world order religious lines. In this case, he preaches against pre-trib, but in my mind what difference does it make behind the blinders of Christian Zionism and other false teachings?

Many Americans Will Die Waiting On a Pre-Trib Rapture

The whole premise seems to be scaring everyone constantly, to sell more prepping supplies?

Christian Zionism

Church Performs Purple Rain in Honor of Prince

Warning modern rock song presented. What is Purple Rain anyway? In the ghetto, I heard it was slang for cough medicine used as a drug but this was years  and years ago. I don't hate all music, but Prince as I wrote definitely showed signs of Illuminati involvement.  It's hard because so many musicians are sold out to Satan and the new world order.  If anything a real church would warn that Prince found his way to hell via the false cult of Jehovah Witnesses and selling out for fame. I was a fan of his in my teens. Even then I would have thought what does this song have to do with CHURCH? This church definitely has gone to concert status to get people in seats.

New Bill Would Require Women to Register for the Draft

 They plan to put women in full combat too.

  Navy Secretary takes women-in-combat message to the troops. 

This is horrifying to me. A society that denies women as being the nurturers and expects men to shut down natural inclinations to protect women is one going more evil and sociopathic.

 It seems they want to double the amount of potential young people in debt from student loan who can be drafted for foreign globalist wars. Funny how the Christian right is more busy now protesting the bathroom wars instead of realizing their young daughters could one day be drafted. Which issue will affect the greatest number of people?

The liberals who think women can operate the same in infantry and who see "men and women" as the exact same have gone insane. This is more then about women being placed in service positions like the WACS in WWII, but being put in full combat and infantry. So how would Americans react to seeing young women returning maimed and bloodied? The politically correct set, even ignore the physical differences between women and men and the realities of rape and other dangers women are prone to above men. Women are not the same as men emotionally or even in handling PTSD.  I wonder if there are any strong fathers left who would say, "My daughter, no way!"  

I don't like drafts in general even for men given that most of our wars have not been for actual defense of the United States but for profit for the bankers and for globalist agendas. This is social engineering and political correctness at it's worse.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kirk Cameron's Glorified South

Kirk Cameron records audio for a new kids audio program based on a pro-Confederate book with a company called Heirloom Productions. I lived in Virginia for a short time, there were even schools named after Confederate heros, but this one takes the cake, I'm shaking my head on this one. Why would you choose a novel for kids that says slavery is okay? Why is the Confederacy now so popular in some circles? So being on the SOUTH's SIDE is being a "good conservative"? The right has played especially the South for fools, using the division of races program for economic oppression for decades.  Maybe they took the slavery part out but it's an odd novel to choose for your Christian literature program. What next movie projects with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance?



From wikipedia:
"With Lee in Virginia, A Story of the American Civil War (1890) is a book by British author G.A. Henty. It was published by Blackie and Son Ltd, London. Henty's character, Vincent Wingfield, fights for the Confederate States of America, even though he is against slavery. As suggested by the title, he is primarily with the Army of Northern Virginia. Henty's novel has been cited by some literary historians as an example of British right-wingers' sympathy for the Confederate cause; discussing With Lee in Virginia, Jeffrey Richards cites the book as "significantly pro-Southern".[1][2] Henty defends slavery throughout the novel, stating although slavery was capable of "abominable" cruelty under brutal masters, "..taken all in all, the negroes on a well-ordered estate, under kind masters, were probably a happier class of people than the laborers upon any estate in Europe." [3] At the novel's end, Henty has the Wingfield family's former slaves return and continue working for their former owners:
The negroes, however, for the most part remained steadily working on the estate. A few wandered away, but their places were easily filled; for the majority of the freed slaves very soon discovered that their lot was a far harder one than it had been before, and that freedom so suddenly given was a curse rather than a blessing to them. [4]
Richards cites the novel as an example of Henty's belief in the "incapacity" of blacks and notes that With Lee In Virginiaargues that "a system of slavery is acceptable so long as the slave owners treat their slaves decently and humanely". [1]Nathaniel Cadle claims With Lee in Virginia's plot works to "romanticize and oversimplify the relationship between white Confederate slave owners and their black chattel."[5]"

What a horrible book. One can understand the changing mores in literature from the old days but one that celebrates slavery being used for today is disturbing. The Confederate side of the "right" is part of the whole NWO formula. South vs. North. Black vs White. Seeing a book that honors the "decent" plantations ignores the fact the elite want everyone to be their slaves. 

They have one called "Under Drake's Flag" too. {under the manDRAKE?}

The Dominionists and Reconstructionists love to rewrite history too, just like the left, never forget it. They will play out the nationalist vs. globalist formula. 

The NWO's use of Race

Suicide Rate Goes Up by 24 Percent Since 1999

Sadly many are succumbing to despair. This toxic, crazy society is driving many to give up. Evil is increasing and this is an statistic that proves it. The scariest statistic to me, is the suicide rate of young girls between 10-14 tripling. Young girls in this over-sexed culture are being judged more on looks and are being given evil messages. I've noticed people seem more depressed then they were ten years ago. The economy, oppression and other evils are driving people to worse places.

Depression and the Christian

Bernie Sanders Visits the Vatican

Someone close to me really wants me to vote for Bernie Sanders, and well as I found out more, I told them, he is not a real independent. He only appears an alternative like Trump does to the system. They have these two seemingly "independent" candidates to steer people into a certain direction.

They know now since Bernie Sanders showed up to the Vatican there is no way they are going to talk me into voting for him on the final election as president of the United States. I wonder if Hillary will make Bernie Sanders her vice president, anyhow the meeting with the Pope does not bode well for the future. The talk of a "moral economy" is scary given the Vatican's agenda with the world economy. Many poor people in America want to vote for Bernie Sanders. The dying economy has been hard on many. Some do see Bernie as bringing some relief to them. Some want to do so out of desperation seeing the Republican candidates literally ready to throw them in the gutter erasing all programs that help the poor and some have seen this guy as almost a new Roosevelt.

However deception can lie there. These politicians are all sold out to the system. Just as Trump goes on and on about the "globalist war on terror" Islam ignoring the facts about who really formed Isis, and whipping up war fever for the elites, here's Bernie, wanting to join with the Vatican in the economy. It's all very disturbing. Globalization has been an ill force as well as the evil speculation of the elite, but the Vatican is part of this behind the scenes, they have no "solutions" but more centralization of power and control. 

Vatican Calls for A Central World Bank

The Vatican Wants World Government #2