Sunday, November 29, 2015

Growing Up Quiverful, the Duggar's Destructive Cult

This is a secular based video exposing the Quiverful cult. The commentator seems to be an ex-Scientologist interested in examining cults. I found it interesting since they interview a young girl coming out of the Quiverful cult. Quiverful ideas definitely have infiltrated out into homeschooling, IFB churches and more "conservative" evangelical churches.

The Duggars, Bill Gothard, Vision Forum, and The Quiverful Movement

None of Them Will Tell Us The Truth About Poverty

An ecumenical/NCC connected "Christian" group called "Circles of Protection" has interviewed all the presidential candidates about poverty.

Even "conservative" Ted Cruz, somehow believes the USA can fix the world's poverty. How? When so many Americans are poor themselves? The globalist views have infused everywhere.

My household has recently sunk into worse poverty. It's hard to explain how, but the free-lance/piece-meal work my husband has been doing, and the rising prices are hitting home hard. One thing that is not talked about out there is how a lot of labors have been chopped up into low paying "contract" work. The even poorer millennials are scrambling together often putting together piece-work labors. It's a far harder way to live.

Full time jobs are disappearing far more then is admitted. We have just been able to keep a roof over our head and have not missed a meal yet but the pressures have grown greater. Poverty for most Americans means you face loneliness and rejection. You are not see as a real human being. I have been at the charities and seen the looks of pity. I am going to write an article soon on how "Christians" treat the poor from a more personal perspective soon. This includes the churches which treat you like a "lesser" and like you did something wicked to end up where you did. In America having a proper middle class or above household is almost an expectation for many churches. You truly are an outcast in "Christian" culture. The poor more often then not are NOT members of the churches helping them. The poor are separate. They go to the "community meals" and more but know no church home awaits them because of false teachings, and gung-ho Republicanism. Imagine someone on food stamps, listening to the pastor rail on about "Those who don't work won't eat" and how the poor are sinful and in the next breathe ask for more money. Well I will write on these things in more detail soon.

 Many pay in this society for not selling out in this society to mammon. We have seen huge lines at food pantries and soup kitchens locally in town. These types will tell us "Things are getting better". As I have written before, culturally and socio-economically I do not fit the normal "Christian" world or culture and I left my last church as much over the false teachings as the socio-economic divisions. None of them are fixing the corrupt job system or the outsourcing or facing facts globalism is destroying life for millions if not billions. "Just throwing money at poverty doesn't work", that one made me laugh. Well if no money, do something about the jobs, but we know that won't happen. He's still selling the Ronald Reagan trickle-down theories.

How are they going to fix things with their "right to fire" laws and support of new world order immigration that is most often used for cheaper wages for the elite? It's funny how his videos refer to the disabled when most like this want to cut and slash every program for the disabled to death. They don't do job placement anywhere for the disabled either.

Huckabee's video

Bernie Sanders Video

The Democrat party at least admit the poor exist and the poverty is growing, but they sell themselves as the party of the "little people" while throwing people under the bus just as much as the other side. Bernie Sanders is correct about the working poor having to go to food pantries. They always toss a populist or two in the mix for the early show time to prep things for their NWO choice. Bernie may really "care" about the poor, but don't think for a minute he's going to be allowed in. He has some other scary "liberal" political beliefs to go with the admitting the truth about poverty.

Ah here is Hillary, nice pyramid hands Hillary, she tells us the "economy is improving". You know right then that she is immediately lying. It's only improving for the 1 percent. I actually don't disagree with raising the minimum wage which may shock some here, but then watching people lined up at the food pantries who can't even afford to eat who WORK FULL TIME stinks. It is wicked to make people live in destitution who work in my opinion. Even the Bible speaks of a fair day's wage for a fair day's labor. Hillary gives her nod to the poor while planning worse destruction for this country.

We have poor in this society because of greed and sin. When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, sadly the truth is in this fallen world, too many exploit others and seek out their own gain.

Jan Crouch Speaking in Tongues

This is so fake. This video is from 1982. Even the emotionally laden prayer of Paul Crouch, uses the same fear of Armageddon and healing the USA themes we see now. Jan Crouch's tongue speaking is so false. If you have studied languages and know the patterns of them, tongue speakers appear even more ludicrous. In my early days as a Christian, I visited a few Pentecostal churches and heard almost the same thing from those speaking in tongues. It's all they are all speaking the same non-language, snippets of words and no complete sentences. She repeated a few "words" to make it seem more real. This is all show-boating. I don't believe in Pentecostalism at all. Speaking in tongues is false too.

The Weirdos Who Show Up At This Blog

This showed up on my comments feed today. Some may ask why post this? This freak has been posting on my blog for YEARS sending these strange Illuminati advertisements, I have at least 50 of these back in my spam files. I suppose it's some guy who thinks there is no such thing as the "new world order" or Illuminati, who wants to mock me and this blog but the joke grew old long ago. It's stale. I mean the guy made his point about THREE years ago. Hey at least use believable phone numbers and emails! There's too many strange people out there.

Duggars: Slavish Stepford Wives for the Patriarchy

How much of this is "scripted"? This question was raised on the comments of this article:

"Josh: The Cheater"

This little blurb above doesn't offer much but I found myself thinking will these people do anything for money? My question revolves around Anna Duggar. She may be economically desperate but her own brother offered to help her if the news reports are accurate. The facial mannerisms and comments seem fake. "It was absolutely heartbreaking" she says, and there seems to be very little emotion or anger in her face and mannerisms that would denote the real reaction of a wife dealing with a husband that was reported as cheating with a porn star at least twice.

Perhaps they will fade from the scenes but the damage to Christians, is part of the script. Weak women doing the "stand by your man" bit, to the extreme. We have seen it with a long list of new world order notables like Hillary Clinton. The good old boys club wants acceptance of their cheating and sleeping around. One thing the wicked love seeing is women degraded and enslaved to men who treat them like chattel. Doesn't this woman have any self respect or has she sold her soul too? Maybe she is lying to us. She doesn't seem to even want to protect her own children which to me is her greatest sin.

Feminism has its major problems too, but realize the "controllers" want degraded women, who have no self respect or their own initiative who will remain as placid Stepford wives to the most wicked. This is the "patriarchy" they desire.

Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism and Patriarchy

Christian Zionism Remains on the Move Calling for War

More political brainwashing sessions. Evil has happened on both sides. Christian Zionism of course is backing up without restraint, the war plans of the luciferian powers that be. As much as they flippantly speak of nuclear weapons, they don't realize their constant war mongering has helped these powers set up the re-ordering of the global chess board. Even the last church I left blindly "supported" Israel. It was more of a subtle issue only brought up very rarely. How many can even go to church anymore without the 'god of war' being more praised then Jesus Christ? These deceived people see war as glorious when war is death, destruction, endless horrors, children dying and pain and suffering for generations even afterwards. The knowing deceivers which I believe Hagee fits the bill, know exactly what they are selling.

"I Can't Wait for Armageddon!":The Deceptions of Christian Zionism

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Lust for War Grows

[not an endorsement of Fox news]

Can anyone even keep track of whose fighting who anymore?

You can tell the war-mongers are lighting as many matches as they can to spark off World War III. Some say World War III has already started but just not gone "hot" yet.